A wide variety of girls watch these animes but where are the ones that are targeted for girls only you ask? Well if you know where to look and what to look for then you can find a nice Romance, School Life, Shoujo or Slice of Life anime that will appeal to your girly senses.

1. Lovely Complex

I have a few favorite that i would like to share because when I have nothing to do around the house, I tend to watch these over and remind myself why I downloaded them in the first place. The first anime I’m going to talk about is one called Lovely Complex.

This one is about a girl named Koizumi Risa who happen to be taller than she would like to be (like me), and she ends up falling in love with one of her classmates named Otani Atsushi who is way shorter than her by at least 14cm. All through the anime they constantly bicker at each other and call each other names like giant, midget, giraffe and shorty.

After awhile Risa notices that her feelings for Otani are no longer of the friendly nature, but she is worried if Otani could ever see her as more than a friend. All of her friends help her try and capture his attention and to make him fall for her like she has fallen for him. After all the struggling and heartbreak she put herself through, Otani finally realized her feelings and figured out it wouldn’t be so bad to have a girlfriend who was taller than him.

This anime appealed to me because I am a tall girl who stands at 5’9, and I know how it is to have a boyfriend shorter than you and how everyone would look at you two as you walk hand and hand in the street. I think girls will like this because it doesn’t only appeal to tall girls, but short girls as well because it talks about the relationships of her two friends Tanaka Chiharu and Ishihara Nobuko as well.

2. Bokura Ga Ita

The next anime on my list of favs is called Bokura Ga Ita. It’s another Romance and Slice of Live anime to appeal to girls. This one is about a 15 year old girl named Takahashi Nanami who falls in love and begins to date the most popular boy who is named Motoharu Yano. However, because of Yanos past, their relationship isn’t a simple one to deal with. While trying to have a good relationship with Yano, Nanami incounters his dead ex-girlfriends little sister named Yamamoto Yuri who is also in love with Yano.

Yano’s best friend, Masafumi Takeuchi also finds himself in the middle of their relationship because after awhile of getting to know Nanami he falls for her. Nanami must search deep inside her heart her find her true feelings for Yano and decide if it’s worth dating him even though he is emotionally damaged. While they’re dating, Yano and Nanami encounters a lot of trials and tribulations in their relationship because of Yanos inability to show his emotions and be honest with Nanami.

3. Skip Beat

The last anime that I feel can appeal to girls is called Skip Beat. Now this one is about a girl named Mogami Kyoko who when she was still in high school followed her true love Fuwa Shoutaro to help him reach his dream of becoming a Idol.

Kyoko cleans, cooks and works three jobs just to help Shoutaro out and look after the apartment they have together, but she does absolutely nothing for herself in return. Even though he does nothing for her and treats her like nothing but a maid, she stills loves him and remains by his side through thick and thin.

One day after work, Kyoko decides to surprise Shoutaro by delivering him some food at his agency. She overhears him talking to his manager about her and hears him reveal that he only took Kyoko in as a maid and that he has no feelings for her at all. After running in and throwing food at him (lol), security puts her out of the agency and she decided to cut and dye her hair and get a whole new wardrobe.

She vows on her life that she will get into the show business to take her revenge on Shoutaro, but along the way she realizes that it isn’t as easy as she thought it was.

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