1. Gojira

Many metalheads more than likely became familiar with Gojira after the release of their 2005 album From Mars to Sirius.  Actually, you couldn’t read any extreme music magazine in 2005-2006 without all the major publications (Terrorizer, BW&BK, Revolver, etc) creaming their proverbial pants.  While that album may be great, I’m of the opinion that Gojira’s first full length Terra Incognita is greatly superior. 

From the get go the music on this album has a distinct passion that’s been unmatched.  All of the songs are catchy, well played, and show nice levels of progression.  There a number of fantastic tunes, but my personal favorites have to be Satan is a Lawyer, and Deliverance

Gojira’s – Terra Incognita was released in 2000 on Gabriel records, and re-released in 2009 on Listenable Records.


2. King’s X

For a number of people, King’s X is a fairly well known band in the heavy metal, and rock scene.   There 2000 release, Please Come Home…Mr. Bulbous is a strange album; it’s a nice album; and it’s a good album; but it’s strange.  The title of the album?  Just a bit odd.  The cover art?  Okay, that’s weird.  And the song titles?  Yeah, those are pretty strange.

So it’s a bit odd when the music found within is actually some pretty straight forward heavy metal blended with rock.  There’s nothing very strange going on in the songs, aside from the foreign language snippets found at the end of certain songs; most of them in Dutch, and Japanese.  For those who decide to check out this album they’ll be met with some straight forward, melodic metal.

Personal favorites for this album include Fishbowl Man, When You’re Scared, and Marsh Mellow Field.

King’s X – Please Come Home…Mr. Bulbous was released by Metal Blade records in 2000

3. Nevermore

The fourth full length album by this thrash turned groove/progressive metal might not be their best (no that honor goes to Dreaming Neon Black released in 1999), but as far as album’s go Dead Heart in a Dead World is still a damn good album.  Foregoing the concept from their previous album, Nevermore made a return to some of their more socially based lyrics.  Okay, but some of you really don’t care much about that, do you?

Nevermore has been compared to the band Queensryche, and I can’t say that I disagree with the statement.  But, Nevermore isn’t Queensryche, at all.

Those who purchase or download this album can expect progressive/groove metal.  Sure, the thrash elements from their earlier albums are all but gone, but honestly?  Does that even matter?

Nevermore’s  Dead Heart in a Dead World was released on September 13th, 2000 by Century Media Records.

4. Sentenced

Because the previous three entries weren’t depressing enough, and they were too happy; here’s an album that’s pretty depressing. 

Crimson by the band Sentenced is the band’s sixth full-length release, and the band’s first “hit” album (let’s be honest; extreme music doesn’t tend to have hits, but I digress.)  So the band retreated from melodic death metal, and went for the whole gothic metal angle.  Along the way they switched up their lyrics to also incorporate love, and sadness, and depression, and oh woe oh woe!

This album I admit isn’t for the happy.  It’s not for someone who instantly goes into a sobbing mess when they hear the words “Home in Despair” or “Sadness” or “Everything is bleak, and we’re going to die!”  But, if you can get past all that then this album will reward you with a depressing, heartbreaking, gothic metal experience.

Sentenced’ – Crimson was released on January 17th, 2000 by Century Media Records.

5. Ulver

Some might argue that the fifth and final album for the year 2000 isn’t actually metal.  Well to them I say, go listen to your Slayer albums, because God knows they haven’t changed much since forever.  Ulver is a band that isn’t afraid to constantly change things around, and their album Perdition City is no exception.

Ulver started out as a folk black metal band, and now they’ve progressed to experimental/avante garde music.

I encourage everyone to listen to this album just once to try out something different.  I encourage people to listen to this album, because so far I’ve yet to find an album like this.  It’s well crafted, atmospheric, and has one of the strangest titles for a song ever; Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses.

(Although that’s not as weird as Bog’s Basil & Curry Powder Potatos Recipe or I Love You, But I Prefer Trondheim)

Ulver’s – Perdition City was released on March 26th, 2000 by Jester Records.

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