When you’re getting married, something my girls and I always talk about is the best song to play for your first dance. Everyone these days is doing ridiculous dances and funny songs, but there’s still tons of room for a good old fashioned love song. This is the type of music that everyone can hold the person next to them and say it’s good to be in love.

I prefer this type of music for weddings, because while the fun dances can be entertaining, they can also be awkward and overlong. You want the rest of the attendants at the wedding to watch and enjoy your performance, so something sentimental and romantic is a great way to ensure that will happen. There’s a reason these songs have become tried and true over the years.

When it comes to making the choices, I lean towards the 90s sounds. It fits me because it was the era I grew up in, so it will fit in at my wedding. What’s more, this period featured a great variety of loving songs that featured simple sounds. Recognize your own harmony with the sounds of harmony offered by these vocal groups. Still, I also am willing to go back to the old classics as the songs that last a lifetime should have no problem standing on their own today.

Please share your own lists in the comments! I’d love to know what other peoples favorite R&B love songs are!

Top 10 R&B Wedding Songs

10. Eric Benet – Spend My Life With You

9. Boyz II Men – I Do

8. UNV – So In Love With You

7. Babyface – Everytime I Close My Eyes

6. Luther Vandross – Always and Forever

5. Stevie Wonder – Ribbon in the Sky

4. Brian McKnight – Still in Love

3. LTD – Love Ballad

2. Kenny Lattimore – For You

1. Luther Vandross – Here and Now

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