1. The Lost Boys

“The Lost Boys” was made in 1987 and classified as a action-horror film and 2 young teens who move from Arizona to California and end up in a life or death battle with some rocker teenage vampires. Even though I was happy to see Jason Patric (Michael) as a vampire with a cool shiny earring and a nice rustic leather jacket, he could have avoided all that drama if he didn’t follow Jami Gertz (Star).

The most funny part in my opinion was when Keifer Sutherland (David) had Jason eating Chinese food and he made him think it was maggots and worms. But I have to admit that Jami tried to warn him that he would be drinking blood from the in bottle but he didn’t believe her. After drinking someone else blood the gang and Jason go to the trains tracks and decide that it would be fun to hang off the bottom of the tracks.

Till this day, I still wonder why he decided to be a follower and hang off the bottom of the train tracks like the rest of the boys.

2. Interview With The Vampire

This movie tells of a story about a vampire who turns another man into a vampire all because he desires company. Lestat played by Tom Cruise finds it pleasurable to feed on the plantation slaves while Luis who is played by Brad Pitt finds it impossible to take a human life just for him to survive so he instead feeds on animals. After Lestat sets his plantation aflame, him and Luis flees to New Orleans and finds a girl who is sick with the plague. During their little voyage, Luis is thinking of leaving Lestat and surviving on his own.

Lestat was a smart vampire because he was hip to his game and that’s when he ended up changing the little girl, hoping it would make Luis stay if they had a daughter who is named Claudia and played by Kristen Dunst. Luis is disturbed that Lestat changed a helpless little child into one of them, but he couldn’t help himself to stay around and care for her like his very own daughter.

As Claudia gets wiser, she takes to killing humans easy but then starts to hate Lestat for changing her because she realizes that she can never age and that she will forever stay looking like a little girl. After 60 years of the 3 living together, Claudia comes up with a plan to poison Lestat then slit his throat then dumping his body in a swamp.

I love this movie because it’s set in the old times and I love the little frilly dresses that the ladies used to wear.

3. Underworld

Selene played by Kate Beckinsale is a death dealer for the vampires who hunts down and kills lycans. Selene meets a guy named Michael (Scott Speedman) who is getting hunted by the lycans because he has the right blood to bond with vampire and lycan blood to create a hybrid.

I found this movie to be interesting because it shows vampires as a secret clan full of sophisticated aristocrats. The vampires and lycans were already enemies for so many centuries but Selene getting attached to Michael just makes things way worse and upsets the power.

There is nothing better than loving someone you can’t have and I think that’s what made them both fall in love with each other. 




4. Vampire In Brooklyn

This movie made it to the list because not only does Eddie Murphy have you cracking up because he plays a variety of different characters, but John Witherspoon and Kadeem Hardison are also in it which makes it non stop laughter.

At the beginning of the movie a abandoned ship crashes into the dockyard where Silas (John) and Julius (Kadeem) are working, like a nosy person, he inspects it and finds it full of corpses. While Silas is off screaming and calling the cops, his nephew has a run in with the mob and as they are about to kill him, he is saved by Maximillan (Eddie).

After Max kills the mob members, he infects Julius with vampire blood and makes him his ghoul. Now all through the movie Julius gets more and more disgusting looking, his skin starts to fall off along with his other body parts. Max then explains to Julius that he has arrived in Brooklyn to find a woman who is half vampire half human named Rita who is played by Angela Basset so he can make her his queen.

After he finds Rita, he goes to no extent to turn her over to the dark side and be his, and for a moment he had her until she realizes that she doesn’t want to be a monster like him and drives a stake into his heart. When Maximillan disintegrates, his ring falls on top of the limo he was riding around in, and it just so happens that Julius finds it and puts it on which makes him a vampire now.

5. Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned is a film adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. The two stars are Aaliyah (R.I.P) who plays Akasha, and Stuart Townsend who plays Lestat. It’s funny because Lestat is awaken from a century long sleep by a punk rock band.

After hearing them play he decides to become the lead singer, which in turn makes the band super popular but not so popular with the other vampires who feel Lestat is making a fool out of vampires everywhere. A nosy teenage girl named Jesse who is played by Marguerite Moreau listens to the lyrics in the song and becomes intrigued by the words and comes up with a theory that Lestat really is a vampire.

At the beginning the movie is kind of slow, but all the action comes after Lestat awakens Akasha with his music. Akasha arrives at a local vampire club and just murders all the vampires in there easily then sets it in fire. Even though this wasn’t a comedy I found that part really hilarious because she walks out of the flames like nothing ever happened. Of course at the end of the movie, Akasha is killed and Jesse has to become a vampire in order to stay alive.

The movie was sort of predictable but I still loved it.

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