They have us fooled. These famous actors and singers who have glamorous names. A little bit of digging reveals why some changed their birth names in order to make it big.

1. Who is Leslie Sebastian Charles?

Born in Trinidad but made England his home Leslie Charles is a Grammy award winning singer of rhythm and blues plus pop. With hits such as Caribbean Queen, When the Going Gets Tough and Loverboy Leslie Charles has written hits for Latoya Jackson, Randy Crawford and Boyzone. Leslie Charles is Billy Ocean.

2. Who is Alfred George Dorsey?

Born in India in 1936 this singer soon realized that the name Alfred Dorsey was not good for business. He did the nightclub scene for a while but then did national army service which interrupted his career. But it was 1967 when it all came together for Alfred when he released the song “Release me…” Alfred Dorsey is Engelbert Humperdinck.

3. Who is Reginald Dwight?

Most people know this one but I’ll put it in anyway. This singer has sold over 250 million records. Winner of an Academy Award, Grammy Award, Golden Globe Award and a Tony Award he is also knighted. He is listed by Billboard Magazine as the most successful male artist of all time. With hits such as “I’m still standing” ” I guess that’s why they call it the blues” and “Candle in the wind” it is now obvious that Reginald Dwight is…..Sir Elton John.

4. Who is Curtis Jackson III?

Born in Queens New York in 1975 Curtis Jackson had a tough childhood and soon found he had a talent for boxing and rapping. Discovered more or less by Eminem, Jackson went on to make one of the most successful albums of the 2000’s. With the big hit “In da club” Jackson has collaborated with Dr Dre, G-Unit and Eminem himself. Curtis Jackson III is…..50 Cent.

5. Who Is Vincent Damon Furnier?

Born in 1948 this singer has shocked for decades. Concerts have included guillotines, chickens, chainsaws and so on. Furnier has pioneered theatrical heavy metal rock. Breaking away from a band to be a solo artist Furnier had a huge hit album in 1975 with Welcome to my nightmare. In the 1990s, Furnier was recognized as a cultural icon and had guessed on a number of albums including Guns and Roses Use your Illusion. In 1989 Furnier had a big hit with “Poison”. Vincent Damon Furnier is Alice Cooper.

6. Who is Daniel Michaeli?

Born in 1944 Daniel Michaeli is a talented and versatile actor who has been successful in directing movies such as the delightful Matilda. He has been in much loved movies such as One Flew over the Cockoos Nest, Terms of Endearment, Romancing the Stone and who could forget Twins. Of course Daniel Michaeli is Danny De Vito.

7. Who is Michael Peter Balzary?

Born in Melbourne Balzary is a member of one of the most famous rock acts of all time. Michael was a jazz trumpet prodigy as a child and the family moved to New York when he was a young boy. Michael adored musicians such as Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie and showed little interest in other music until high school where he formed a band. This band went on to be one of the best acts of all time and continue to produce quality music. Michael is regarded as one of the best bass players in the world as he rocks out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers like he has done for over 30 years. Michael Peter Balzary is Flea.

8. Who is Thomas Mapother?

Thomas was born in New York into poverty and raised by his mother and abusive father. In his teen years away from his father Mapother yearned to be a Catholic Priest. Mapother started his acting career in the early 80’s getting some bit roles then struck it big with Losin It then Risky Business. It was the hit movie Top Gun in 1986 which saw Thomas Mapother shot to fame scoring subsequent roles in The Color of Money, Cocktail, Rain Man and Born on the Fouth of July. His marriage to Australian Nicole Kidman did good things for both their careers and gave him 2 adopted children. Thomas Mapother is now married to Katie Holmes and they have a child named Suri. Thomas Mapother is Tom Cruise.

9. Who is Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson?

Born in 1984 this singer’s first album was a self titled Gospel album. A risque singer delivering songs with a naughty edge this entertainer continues to be hugely popular around the world. She was the first female artist to have 5 hits in The Billboard 100 in 1 year. After her fourth studio album she changed her name and released the single “Ur so gay” which failed. She then released “I kissed a girl” which rocketed her into fame. She has continued to release catchy music and has married British comedian Russell Brand. Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson is Katy Perry.

10. Who is Vicki Lee Hogan?

Born in 1967 Vicki Hogan died in 2007. Hogan gained some notoriety when she posed for Playboy becoming Playmate of the Year in 1993. Her marriage to a very wealthy businessman 62 years her senior caught the ire of his family and the public…they never lived together. Hogan appeared in a few films and had her own show on E! cable. In 2007 suffering anxiety Hogan was found deceased in a Hotel room from a suspected sedative and prescription drug overdose. A tragic life but a premature death which did not surprise many. Vicki Lee Hogan is Anna Nicole Smith.

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