This is Kisuke Urahara, former captain of the 12th Division more than a hundred years ago. He became a captain with the help of the one and only woman of his life, Yoruichi Shihoin.

Hiyori Sarugaki was his lieutenant who hated him for taking the place of his predecessor. His time of being a captain was very brief as he was accused of experimenting on hollows and shinigamis by the process of shinigamification and hollowfication, something that is strictly forbidden in the Soul Society though it was something he had nothing to do with and was actually Aizen’s doing.

He would receive the punishment of his power being drained from his body, thus reducing him to a puny human, and be vanished to the human world to live there as an ordinary human and eventually die as a mere mortal by a natural cause. However, with the help of Yoruichi, Kisuke along with Tessai and the Vizards were able to escape to the human world and lived there as they were, without their powers being taken away from them.

Kisuke is one of the main protagonists of the series. He rarely loses his cool no matter what the situation is. Although he doesn’t always get himself involved in most battles, he will always be there to save his comrades that are in the brink of death, like he did when Yammy was pounding Ichigo to death. Assisting Ichigo in most battles is Kisuke’s and Shinji’s obligation and with them by his side, Ichigo is unlikely to fail.

We all have been itching to know how strong Urahara is. How strong is Urahara anyway?

Kisuke’s Powers and Abilities

Like Aizen and Gin, Kisuke’s powers and abilities are yet to be revealed. Noone really knows how strong Urahara is, as he rarely engages himself with others. However, it can be assumed that Urahara’s abilities place him in the same league as Shunsui Kyoraku, who is perhaps the strongest combatant in the Soul Society.

We literally have no proof of it, but there have been numerous evidences that give hint to his actual power. For example, during his first time as a captain, he visited the Maggot’s Nest with Hiyori and they began fighting the hostile prisoners. Urahara demonstrated his skill in hand-to-hand combat by knocking the prisoners out at once without even trying.

When Ulquiorra and Yammy first appeared in Karakura Town, Kisuke eventually appears to save Ichigo, who was taking a beating from Yammy. Yammy fired a powerful cero at close range and Kisuke countered it with his crimson-colored blast, which was so powerful it splat the earth in two.

While Renji was training Yasutora Sado using his own bankai, Renji asked Urahara to take his place in training Chad. Kisuke declined and stated that his bankai is not for training people, maybe it was because Chad wouldn’t survive the power of his bankai.

It is believed by fans that if Aizen was to fight Urahara during the night of the Vizards’ mutation, Urahara would have destroyed him. This is not impossible since Urahara became a captain first before Aizen did, which suggests Urahara’s powers could be superior to Aizen’s.

Kisuke just might be the one to fight Aizen in the end.

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