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Didn’t you just adore the turbulent relationship between Hardin and Tessa in the movie After? The two lovebirds with troubled pasts were the perfect on-screen couple. Hardin’s bad-boy attitude would surely make any teenage girl fall for him. The most interesting part about this movie was that two completely opposite characters fell madly in love with each other even though they didn’t intend to in the first place. 

Like After, there are other movies with a similar storyline where teenage boys and girls fall in love even though they don’t appear to be a good match. Let’s take a look at movies like After that you need to add to your watchlist.

 Movies Similar to After

  1. Now is Good
  2. Fallen
  3. If I Stay
  4. The Sun is Also a Star
  5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  6. Midnight Sun
  7. The Fault In Our Stars
  8. After We Collided
now is good movies like after

1. Now is Good

Release date: August 2012

Would you believe that the main character’s name in Now is Good is also Tessa? Isn’t that a huge coincidence? If you liked After, then you’re going to love Now is Good. The story revolves around a teenage girl living in YOLO mode as she counts the remaining days of her life. Being diagnosed with cancer, Tessa wants to experience everything in her wishlist before she dies.

Tessa soon falls in love with Adam, a bad-boy, just like Hardin in After. Dakota Fanning as Tessa and Jeremy Irvine as Adam play their roles to perfection. After is an adaptation from the book of the same name. Now is Good is also an adaptation from a book called Before I Die. This is another coincidence that makes this movie quite similar to After.

fallen movies like after

2. Fallen

Release date: November 2016

The Fallen keeps its focus on the transcendence of true teenage love. But what does transcendence have to do with a teenage love story? Well, Luce, the lead actress in this movie, believes in reincarnation. She goes to a school for troubled teenagers because she feels that she is cursed and the reason for Trevor’s death.

Trevor is her first love who soon dies accidentally. Luce meets Daniel in the special school. Daniel is a mysterious boy but is smoking hot. Luce immediately falls in love with Daniel but she thinks that she has met Daniel earlier but can’t recall where. 

After pondering for days, Luce finally discovers that she met Daniel in one of her earlier lives. The stone obelisk that tried to crush her earlier was where Luce found her first love, and that’s the same place where she tries to take her life. But as destiny would have it, Daniel swoops in and saves her in time because he’s an angel.

if i stay movies like after

3. If I Stay

Release date: September 2014

Featuring Jamie Buckley and Chloe Grace Moretz in Adam and Mia’s roles respectively, the two teenagers have two things in common: they love music and have feelings for each other. Their school gets canceled one day, and Mia’s family decides to drive to their grandparents on their farm. It is challenging to drive on the snowy road, Mia’s father eventually loses control, and everyone meets a horrifying accident.

Although Mia’s body lies in the snow, her spirit is right there, and she can see everything happening in the scene of the accident but couldn’t do anything. As the police and medical team takes her to the hospital, Adam comes to visit Mia. Adam breaks down and pleads to Mia to stay with him.

the sun is also a star movies like after

4. The Sun is Also a Star

Release date: May 2019

If love at first sight and teenage drama is your thing, then you will love The Sun is Also a Star. It’s surreal how it has similarities with After in its storyline. Natasha doesn’t believe in love but eventually falls for Daniel, played by the incredibly handsome Charles Melton. Daniel saves Natasha from an oncoming car that was about to hit her. They immediately have a spark that sets the mood rolling for the rest of the film.

Daniel writes poems in his free time, but Natasha isn’t so convinced about his abilities as a poet. This pushes Daniel to prove his worth through his poetic mind. He wants to make a point to Natasha that what he writes isn’t just crap. He even challenges her to spend an hour with him, after which she would fall in love with him. What happens next is a series of emotional turmoil that portrays how the two can’t be together, but their feelings are too strong to keep them apart.

to all the boys i've loved before movies like after

5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Release date: August 2018

What happens when all the guys you secretly have a crush on suddenly comes to know about it? Well, that’s exactly what happens to Lara, played by the sweet-looking Lana Condor. Lara writes love letters to all her crushes but never mails them. One day, her sister posts those letters. What follows is a bitter-sweet love story with hilarious comic moments.

One of the letters reaches Peter, the most handsome boy in her school. Upon confronting Lara about the letter, she feels mortified because she has no idea that her sister has posted them without telling her anything. Lara is out of words, and that’s when things become more interesting.

Josh, another boy whom she wrote a love letter, approaches her with the letter, while she speaks with Peter. Seeing this, Lara panics and kisses Peter to make Josh think that she doesn’t love him because Josh is Lara’s older sister’s ex-boyfriend. From then on, Peter and Lara decide to pretend dating to make their lovers jealous. But their plan backfires, and what happens next brings Lara and Peter closer.

midnight sun movies like after

6. Midnight Sun

Release date: March 2018

Being allergic to eggs is one thing, but it’s an entirely different story to be allergic to sunlight. It changes how your mind and body functions as it locks you inside the house for long hours. Midnight Sun, starring Patrick Schwarzenegger as Charlie and Bella Thorne as Katie, has a gripping romantic story just like the movie After

Katie suffers from a unique condition where she is allergic to sunlight and can only go out at night. But she loves a teenage skater boy from her childhood whom she sees from her bedroom window.

Katie meets Charlie, the skater boy, one night when she is out playing her guitar and singing in the street. She is starstruck when she finally sees Charlie. Katie blushes as she can hardly say anything. But things soon ease out and they start talking. Charlie finds out about Katie’s condition, and he promises to do anything to help her.

the fault in our stars movies like after

7. The Fault In Our Stars

Release date: July 2014

When you know your life is about to come to an end, you do one of two things: you either lock yourself up and isolate yourself from the rest of the world or try to live every day like it’s your last. Hazel, who suffers from thyroid cancer, decides to do both. She wants to stay alone as she knows that she won’t live long. Hazel attends various support groups, and in one of them, she meets Gus. Gus finds Hazel extremely attractive.

But Hazel keeps avoiding Gus because she knows that their love story wouldn’t go too far. But Gus is adamant as he can’t get Hazel out of his head. Hazel finally gives in and decides to live every moment to the fullest. 

This heartwarming love story has way too many things in common with After. Firstly, there’s a Hazel, who like Hardin, doesn’t want to date. Then, there’s the relentless pursuit of Gus to make things work with Hazel, just like Tessa. If you want to watch a movie like After, then The Fault In Our Stars wouldn’t disappoint. Make sure you watch this movie with lots of tissues handy because the ending may get you teary-eyed.

after we collided movies like after

8. After We Collided

Release date: September 2020

This movie has so much in common with After that you may call it its sequel. And honestly, you will love this movie for its fantastic storyline. The steamy scenes, the mistakes, the breakups, and also the love problems, everything is so realistic that they seem like a story from your own life. This teenage drama will take you back to your high school days.

Tessa and Hardin are trying to get out of their troubled past when they collide with each other and become friends. Soon, Tessa starts developing feelings for Hardin, but he is indifferent to Tessa. This creates tension between the two. The story deals with the practical problems of teenagers and how small mistakes can affect their love-lives.

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