Scarlett Johansson grew up in New York city. She’s 35 years old. Scarlett made her acting debut with a small role in the 1994 John Ritter film: North. From there, she went on to act in the 1997 movie Fall and in Home Alone 3.

Scarlett first garnered widespread critical acclaim, for her portrayal of Grace MacLean, in the 1998 film, The Horse Whisperer.

Her next hit movie after that was the 2003 film, Lost In Translation, in which she starred opposite Bill Murray. Roger Ebert described the film as “sweet and sad at the same time as it is sardonic and funny.” Other critics seem to agree, since she was nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe Award that year.

In 2004, Scarlett Johansson appeared in the movie: The Perfect Score. Although this movie did not receive as much critical acclaim, I thought she was very cute in it!

My favorite movie of Scarlett’s, by far, would have to be the 2009 hit: He’s Just Not That Into You. When I first heard the title to this movie, it really turned me off. I thought it was cheesy. I thought this movie was just going to be another forgettable chick flick. There’s nothing wrong with chick flicks. I actually enjoy a lot of them. However, I wouldn’t call them memorable by any stretch of the imagination.

But this movie did not turn out to be a typical chick flick. It’s special in the sense that it examines a lot of gender issues accurately from both the male perspective as well as the female perspective. Typically, the female point of view is the only one examined in detail, so I thought this movie was a nice change.

Also, the dialogue and story in this movie were of a very high caliber. That’s not something I’m accustomed to seeing from a chick flick. So, congratulations on making a wonderful, memorable movie Scarlett!

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