This is Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT, stronger than ever before.

At age 60, the Saiyan Prince has not aged a day ever since his old days during the Dragon Ball Z series, except his hair is shorter, cut to a design that he’d like it to be permanently, and his muscles appear to be more pure than they were decades ago. During Vegeta’s first appearance in GT, he is seen with a mustache, but he ends up shaving it off after being made fun of by his daughter Bulla. Vegeta is now frequently seen wearing jersey-like clothes or leather-made, sleeveless jackets.

By this time, Vegeta has fully gotten used to living on Earth and accepted it as his home, but he still has the tendency to get grumpy whenever he finds something around him disturbing, like when men approach his daughter with the intent of dating her. He’s also learned to accept the fact that Goku is superior to him, though his goal to be better than Goku is something that will never go away, and his jealousy towards Goku defeating enemies that he fails to defeat has completely diminished, as shown by the smile on his face when Super 17 was put to rest. It is now his job to protect the Earth and its people whenever Goku is not around and he will defend it even if it costs him his life.

Power Level

In Dragon Ball GT, though a lot of fans are thinking that Vegeta is not as strong as he was in Dragon Ball Z and has even gotten weaker, perhaps due to the fact that Dragon Ball GT does not look as epic as Dragon Ball Z does, they’re actually sadly mistaken. In GT, Vegeta is much more powerful than he ever was two decades ago. Even at normal state, Vegeta’s current power greatly dwarfs his Super Saiyan 2 from Dragon Ball Z. He is about as strong as Uub and Goku, who even at their regular forms, are undeniably stronger than even the most powerful villains that appeared in Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta is still weaker than Goku since he has the ability to transform into his Super Saiyan 3. Excluding the Super Saiyan 4s and the most powerful villains in GT, Vegeta is in the Top 4 most powerful beings in the series. One example of his monstrous battle power was demonstrated when he hit Super 17 with his Final Shine Attack. This devastating blast of mind-boggling magnitude would’ve annihilated any villain from Dragon Ball Z, even Majin Buu, though it proved ineffective against the Ultimate Android.

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