Young Justice

Join your favorite teenage sensations from DC Comics in their hit series Young Justice. The members of Young Justice are an elite undercover team of young agents working under direction of their general, Batman. With Batman calling the shots and other members of the Justice League guiding our young heroes this show delivers.

Who is Young Justice?

Young Justice is lead by the new sensation Aqualad. The team consists of Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis. Our young superheroes are not alone in their missions; members of the Justice League including Superman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Black Canary and the Green Lanterns help the super-kids out along the way.

What is Young Justice?

The sensational members of Young Justice not only have to battle super villains and other threats against humanity, they also face the problems teenagers deal with every day. They still have to get their education. Not to mention the raging hormones that turn even the gentlest of children into evil villains from time to time. Our heroes will learn about love and courage, despair and defeat. They will face life and death choices, and like in the real world they will not always win their battles.

Members of the Young Justice


The Aqualad of Young Justice is the second and newest hero to hold this title.  His real name is Jackson Hyde and he is rumored to be the son of super villain Black Manta.  Aqualad, as his name predicts, has power over water.  He made his first appearance in issue #4 of the current limited series Brightest Day and first displays his powers in #10.  There is still much speculation and mystery surrounding this character and it will be interesting to see how he takes on the mantel of leader of this new team.


Robin is the most experienced member of Young Justice. He is portrayed as Batman’s first sidekick Dick Grayson in this series. This is due to the fresh take on Earth 16 and the fact that the heroes are all pretty new to the world they inhabit. Dick Grayson was the leader of the comic book counter part of this series because of his experience and training. It will be interesting to see if any alpha male clashes occur between the Boy Wonder and Aqualad.


Superboy’s origin follows that of the main DC Universe. He is a metahuman clone of Clark Kent and has all the “Man of Steel’s” powers. When the series begins he is only sixteen weeks old. As he takes his place in the world he will eventually take on the name Conner Kent.

Kid Flash

Kid Flash is portrayed in Young Justice as Wally West. Not much is known about how the character will be portrayed in the series but it is safe to assume he will still be the nephew of the original Flash (Barry Allen), who is also a member of the Justice League. In his comic book origin Wally West gains his speedster abilities after being exposed to the same accident that gave his uncle his powers.

Miss Martian

Miss Martian’s origin story has been greatly changed for the sake of the shows continuity. Instead of being a “White Alien” in disguise this version of Miss Martian is actually the sixteen-Martian-year old niece of the Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz. Her powers should stay similar to J’onzz being flight, strength and telepathy. If her name stays the same it will be M’gann M’orzz pronounced Megan Morse for human tongues.


Little is known about the Young Justice member Artemis other than that she is the team’s archer. Weather she has any relation to the goddess of the same name remains to be seen. There are two different Artemis in the DC Universe that this young woman may be modeled after. One is the marksman who currently calls herself Tigress. The other is the Amazon known as Artemis of Bana-Mighdall who took over the role of Wonder Woman for a short time and is also a master of the bow which is this character’s weapon of choice. I think the later is most likely.

Red Arrow

Speedy was best known as the teenage sidekick of the Green Arrow.  His real name is Roy Harper and if rumor is correct he will eventually take on the title of Red Arrow.  Red Arrow is an expert marksman and has the ability to use any object as an effective weapon.

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